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Partner with us in our journey to breathe life back into this nature based outdoor learning environment.


A neglected, yet valuable community resource.



Valuing Communities & the Environment.

CrossTrek has been facilitating adventure based programs across Queensland since 2010. CrossTrek aims to engage young people with the environment and the community.


For too many years the Sandy Creek Site has been left abandoned, but new life is emerging.

Become a partner by supporting one of the Site Projects.  You will help to breathe new life into the site as well as investing in the future of every person who experiences the adventure and beauty that is Sandy Creek.


The value of a donation lies in the power of hands, the power of finance and the power of resources. The Sandy Creek Project is a cause greater than the structures or the natural beauty of the site, it goes deeper into the very heart of an individual. It adds value to the Experience - that is the power of your donation.

Get Involved

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves, having a cause to champion, taking action that invests into the lives of others is one of the key factors in living a happy and satisfying life.

Getting involved with the Sandy Creek Project will add value to your own life through the act of giving into the lives of others. 

Security Repairs

A HUGE thanks goes out to Chris Hadden for his help making repairs to the front entrance.  This has helped secure the site.  Check out more in the Blog

Toilets in Action

With the help of Josh Gault, Dale Bond, Mackenzie Bolland and Josh Lunnon, the toilets are now back in action.  Check out more in the Blog


We've been spending time at the Sandy Creek Centre, including a few overnight stays, in order to begin clearing some of the regrowth around the Camp Kitchen.  One of the great pleasures we've experienced has been utilising the expansive fire pit for evening camp fires and creating delicoulsy smokey meals slow cooked over the coals. 

A cold evening spent by the fire is a great way to develop community amongst campers as the flames mesmerise the eye and allow hearts to share their stories.


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